Rainbow Loom™ Super Action Figures

Rainbow Loom Super Figures New on the Rainbow Loom™ facebook page are some awesome super hero figures created by a Rainbow Loom fan named Pg David. Here is a link to his tutorial on youtube and to a printable guide that was created at MadeByMommy.com.

Spider man Rainbow Loom VIDEO tutorial from PG’s Loomacy

PRINTABLE Rainbow Loom spider man guide from Kim at MadebyMommy.com

Here are the characters that I made using this pattern.
Rainbow Loom spiderman and hulk

Rainbow Loom spiderman in actionThanks also to the creator of MadebyMommy.com for putting together the excellent pdf. I was able to complete the project by following the pattern on her site.

Make sure to check out the Rainbow Loom facebook page for more examples.
Facebook – official Rainbow Loom™ page

What characters are you going to create? How about Santa Claus, Robin Hood, Cinderella, Frankenstein, King Arthur?


11 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom™ Super Action Figures

  1. Jen anzaldi

    Do you have any links for the other super heros pictured in the top picture? I found PG David’s for Spider-man and hulk.

    1. c314smiley Post author

      All the pics I found were on the Rainbow Loom facebook page that PG David posted there. You can also check out the PG Loomacy channel on youtube or his facebook page


    2. ShineDIY on youtube

      You can find all of these tutorials on youtube by searching PGs Loomacy . then just check out the channel for all of the tutorials.

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