EXCLUSIVE Rainbow Loom band colors at Michaels

Starting in December, Michaels has been selling some exclusive new Rainbow Loom rubber band packs in new color/style combinations.  These are licensed by Rainbow Loom but made specifically for Michaels so you can’t get these exact colors anywhere else.

First there are four different band packages that contain a specific mix of bands.

Rainbow Loom exclusive multi-color rubber band packs at Michaels, metallic, gold, camo, tie-dye, glitter
Multi-color Rainbow Loom bands at Michaels

1. Tie dye – each band contains 2 alternating colors.  There are several color combinations in the pack: yellow/green, blue/green, pink/blue, and yellow/orange.

2. Camouflage – a mix of shiny black, dark green, and a light brown.

3. Pastel sparkle – a ‘jelly’ mix of light pastel pink, orange, blue, and greenish yellow with tiny silver sparkles.

4. Metallic – a mix of shiny gold, silver, blue, green, purple, burgandy, and pink.

neon rainbow loom rubber bands exclusively at Michaels
Neon Rainbow Loom bands at Michaels

Next there are 4 separate single-color packs in new neon colors: blue, orange, yellow, pink.

pearlized rainbow loom rubber band colors - hot pink and maroon - exclusively at Michaels

Pearlized Rainbow Loom bands at Michaels

Lastly there are a couple of ‘pearlized’ shiny single-color packs – they are hot pink and maroon.  This is more true maroon – more purple than the original burgandy color.

Happy Looming!


Rainbow Loom details from an Occupational Therapist

You may be wondering what is so special about the Rainbow Loom.  Although it may seem like just the latest kids’ fad, it is actually a toy with amazing educational aspects.  Read this interview with Shannon Samples, an Occupational Therapist from Texas, to learn what skills are developed through using the Rainbow Loom.

1. What is your job title and your experience?

Shannon Samples

Shannon Samples, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. I hold an Associates degree and practice Occupational Therapy under the supervision of Master’s level Occupational Therapists. I have worked mainly as a pediatric therapist serving children from infants up to the age of 21 in their homes and also in school. I am currently a pediatric therapist working in home care for Children’s Medical Center of Dallas full time and also serve as an adjunct instructor for the Navarro College Occupational Therapy Assistant program.

2. What types of skills do you help kids improve when you work with them?

I see a wide variety of medical conditions in my job, from basic developmental delay to severe conditions. My job is to increase the ability of these children to engage in every day activities. Many times, these activities can be as basic as feeding themselves and other times it may be as complex as completing a homework assignment. Specific skills Occupational Therapy practitioners focus on include fine motor, gross motor, visual motor, sensory motor, behavior, attention span, one to one interaction and many more.

3. What skills are exercised in using the Rainbow Loom (for kids in general, not necessarily those needing therapy)?

Rainbow Loom addresses as many skills sets as I can think of. To begin with, fine motor skills are challenged including fine motor manipulation, pinch patterns and grip patterns. Visual motor skills are also challenged greatly as well as the integration of fine motor and visual motor skills. The ability to follow a pattern visually and to visually fixate on the items being placed on the loom is challenged. Attention span is greatly challenged as this task takes quite some time just to master the art of, as well as learning new patterns. Emotional regulation is challenged again as learning new patterns can be quite challenging, even frustrating at times. Gross motor skills are challenged for younger age groups just to complete the task, however, if a child is placed in various other positions to complete a bracelet then gross motor skills could be challenged at an increasing level (ex: child placed on stomach to increase upper body strength). Social skills are challenged when this activity is completed in a group setting or even when completed when more than one person is together. I truly cannot think of one area of skill that is not addressedwhen completing an activity with the Rainbow Loom! I personally used this product with my patients aged 3-13 and was able to adapt it for each of their use while addressing many of their therapy goals. They enjoyed it and each one asked when I would bring it again!!!!

4. At a regular price of $16.99 (for the basic kit with the loom, hook, and bands), would Rainbow Loom be a good item to buy for a child and why?

Yes, the current price of $16.99 makes Rainbow Loom a great item to buy for a child. In fact, several of my patient’s parents asked where to buy a kit! The price point of under $20 makes is reasonable and even a great gift item and provides many hours of fun!

5. Why do you think kids like using the Rainbow Loom?

In my experience, children like a challenge and Rainbow Loom offers a challenge. I was able to adapt this product to each child by completing portions of the activity for them as needed so that they were not overly challenged and overly frustrated, yet still challenged enough to increase their skills. The best part of an activity that is challenging is that is provides a reward and this product has a reward built in…the bracelet that they get to personalize and take home!

6. What ages do you think are ideal for using the Rainbow Loom?

The box says ages 8 and up. Unsupervised I would have to agree due to the small rubber bands, however, with supervision I believe this product can be utilized with children as young as 3 years old. As a matter of a fact, I personally used it with my patient’s from ages 3-13 and they all loved it and had success with it.

7. Anything else you would want moms or potential buyers to know about the Rainbow Loom?

This item takes a few minutes to master and may take a few minutes of adult supervision to get started, but once the kids get the hang of it, they will be off on their own!

Rainbow Loom fun

Get your Rainbow Loom at Michaels!  Learn more about Rainbow Loom here:  michaels.com/Rainbow-Loom


Rainbow Loom - Three Pin Chain pattern

Rainbow Loom – Three Pin Chain pattern

It’s finally happened. I’ve been using my Rainbow Loom long enough that I actually created a new pattern. At least it is one that I can’t find described or pictured anywhere else.  I call it the 3 pin chain. Although the construction is somewhat similar to the 3 pin fishtail, the result is quite different. If you’ve made any sort of Rainbow Loom fishtail before, you should be able to make this new 3 pin chain after looking through these instructions.

Step 1. Reposition your loom to look like the pictures shown here, where the middle colum is shifted up. Notice that this is the end of the loom opposite the starting arrows.

Loom position
position of loom to make 3 pin chain
Loom position for 3 pin chain

Step 2. Place 3 separate bands each in a figure 8 in order to form a triangle over the 3 pins as shown here:

First three bands for 3 pin chain

First three bands for 3 pin chain

Step 3. In the next layer, place 3 separate bands (straight on) to form the triangle.Rainbow Loom 3 pin chain -  start of second layer

Bands for second layer

Bands for second layer

Step 4. Start forming your chain by looping the bottom layer of bands over the pins, as in a fishtail pattern. The difference here is that you have only 2 layers on (instead of 3) when you are looping the bottom layer over. Also, you are using 3 bands to form the triangle within each layer, instead of just 1 band as in a fishtail pattern.

Rainbow Loom 3 pin chain

Loop the bottom layer of bands up over the top layer. Do this for all 3 pins.

Step 5. Continue adding 3 bands in a triangle layer and looping the bottom layer up until your chain is as long as you want. Pull your chain down as you go to make it easier. I think this pattern looks best if you use a single color for each layer. Finish your creation with a final band and a c clip (or keychain ring).

Start of the Rainbow Loom 3 pin chain

Start of the Rainbow Loom 3 pin chain

I had recently made the wreath and candy cane patterns from Kim S. at madebymommy.com. As I was trying different things, I somehow stumbled upon the 3 pin chain pattern. I used the 3 pin chain to make a wreath and candy cane that look very similar to those created by her, but they are larger. Thank you to Kim and to all of you who share your Rainbow Loom creations for helping to inspire me. Happiness is Looming!

Left side - patterns from MadeByMommy.com.  Right side - creations made from 3 pin chain pattern.

Left side – patterns from MadeByMommy.com. Right side – creations made from 3 pin chain pattern.

Rainbow Loom™ Super Action Figures

Rainbow Loom Super Figures New on the Rainbow Loom™ facebook page are some awesome super hero figures created by a Rainbow Loom fan named Pg David. Here is a link to his tutorial on youtube and to a printable guide that was created at MadeByMommy.com.

Spider man Rainbow Loom VIDEO tutorial from PG’s Loomacy

PRINTABLE Rainbow Loom spider man guide from Kim at MadebyMommy.com

Here are the characters that I made using this pattern.
Rainbow Loom spiderman and hulk

Rainbow Loom spiderman in actionThanks also to the creator of MadebyMommy.com for putting together the excellent pdf. I was able to complete the project by following the pattern on her site.

Make sure to check out the Rainbow Loom facebook page for more examples.
Facebook – official Rainbow Loom™ page

What characters are you going to create? How about Santa Claus, Robin Hood, Cinderella, Frankenstein, King Arthur?

Six Halloween Rainbow Loom Ideas

Need some Halloween inspiration for Rainbow Loom?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Basic Bracelets.  Simple single chain bracelets in Halloween colors make a great hand-out item for any Trick-Or-Treaters that come by your house.

Rainbow Loom halloween bracelets

2. Halloween Necklace.  Check out this great tutorial for a Rainbow Loom necklace in halloween colors.


Rainbow Loom halloween choker spider

3. Candy Corn inspired beaded Rainbow Loom bracelet.  From the Rainbow Loom facebook page. Great work!

candy corn halloween rainbow loom bracelet with beads

4. Pumpkin charms. There is a video and instructional printout available to help you make this Pumpkin charm.

5. Rainbow Loom ghost charm. Here’s a fun one I also spotted on the Rainbow Loom facebook page.
Rainbow Loom halloween bracelet with ghost charm

6. Rainbow Loom pumpkin key chain.  For this design you will need 2 looms attached side-by-side. Use the same technique as for a triple single, except use two bands for all the rows and put the cross-wise bands across all 5 rows.
Rainbow Loom pumpkin keychain

Rainbow Loom phone cover

Rainbow Loom phone coverHere is my current effort at a Rainbow Loom phone cover.  To make this I first did five separate ‘triple single’ bands, each using just one loom.  Then I added basic chain sections at the top and bottom to go around the phone.  Next I made a single band for each side  and threaded it through the final loop of each triple single band to link everything together.  This design uses 4 C clips and about 260 rubber bands.Rainbow Loom phone cover

To learn how to make a ‘triple single’, check out this video from the creator of the Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom phone cover