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Six Halloween Rainbow Loom Ideas

Need some Halloween inspiration for Rainbow Loom?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Basic Bracelets.  Simple single chain bracelets in Halloween colors make a great hand-out item for any Trick-Or-Treaters that come by your house.

Rainbow Loom halloween bracelets

2. Halloween Necklace.  Check out this great tutorial for a Rainbow Loom necklace in halloween colors.


Rainbow Loom halloween choker spider

3. Candy Corn inspired beaded Rainbow Loom bracelet.  From the Rainbow Loom facebook page. Great work!

candy corn halloween rainbow loom bracelet with beads

4. Pumpkin charms. There is a video and instructional printout available to help you make this Pumpkin charm.

5. Rainbow Loom ghost charm. Here’s a fun one I also spotted on the Rainbow Loom facebook page.
Rainbow Loom halloween bracelet with ghost charm

6. Rainbow Loom pumpkin key chain.  For this design you will need 2 looms attached side-by-side. Use the same technique as for a triple single, except use two bands for all the rows and put the cross-wise bands across all 5 rows.
Rainbow Loom pumpkin keychain


3-Pin Fishtail Necklace Pendant

Here is my latest creation. This pattern is called a 3 Pin Fishtail. I made the bracelet first using black and 2 colors of purple. Then I wanted a necklace to match, but I didn’t want to make that long of a Rainbow Loom fishtail. So, I got the idea to just make a short fishtail and loop it into a pendant. I put the mini-fishtail onto a basic black cord and knotted that to a ‘lobster clasp’.
3 pin fishtail rainbow loom pendant necklace


You can learn how to make the 3 Pin Fishtail pattern here:

You can buy the cord and lobster clasp at Michaels in the jewelry making section. Michaels has cords with the clasps already attached or you can buy the specific type of cord and clasps you want. Here’s a quick definition of a lobster clasp: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lobster_clasp

Have a great DIY day!

gold jewelry rainbow loom DIY necklace bracelet

Adding GOLD to Rainbow Loom

I wanted to match a shirt that was black and gold and none of the Rainbow Loom colors seemed right. So, I just added my own gold necklace and bracelet.  This is a basic/standard Rainbow Loom chain.  Afterwards I just weaved/threaded the gold chain through each loop by hand.  This works best with a necklace that is big enough to put on without stretching.  I really like the way it turned out.

add gold jewelry to rainbow loom

Make longer Rainbow Loom chains

If you’ve made the standard Rainbow Loom bracelet as described in the instructions and want to make something longer, here is the trick! First, link together the bands as usual on the loom.

Use hook to remove the top end of the chain

Step 1

Then, use hook to remove the top end of the chain (step 1).


Step 2

Pull the chain off while keeping the final loop on the hook (step 2).


Step 3

Go ahead and put on the bands for the next section of chain. Then use your hook to place the end of the first chain over the starting peg for the next section of chain (step 3).


Step 4

To make it easier to grab the first band in this next section, pull down on the portion of the chain that is looped onto the first peg (step 4).