Top 5 Reasons Why Rainbow Loom is Great for Kids

MICHAELS STORES, INC. RAINBOW LOOM1. Helps with Hand Writing.  Handwriting efficiency requires a mastery of multiple skills, including hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.  When looping the bands on a Rainbow Loom, the hook is held the same way as a pencil (with the thumb and first two fingers).  Using this pencil grasp helps develop and improve the fine motor skills which are critical for success in school.   When children have better small muscle control they are able to focus more on the content of their handwriting rather than the mechanics.  Children who are able to write quickly and confidently will find it easier to take accurate notes, complete school assignments, and finish timed tests.

2. Develops Appreciation for Giving.  The Rainbow Loom makes it easy to share a little happiness with others.  Children can make a bracelet in five or ten minutes and give it to their friends or family members.  Research has shown that people feel happier after doing kind deeds for others.  Giving activates parts of your brain associated with pleasure and trust, and it promotes social connections.  When Rainbow Loom catches on in a group you can see the ripple effect of generosity.  To read more about the benefits of altruism, check out this link:

3. Promotes Spatial/Pattern Skills.  Rainbow Loom involves lots of colors, patterns, and shapes.  The skills used in making a Rainbow Loom creation are the same skills used when reading a map, following instructions, arranging a room, creating an architectural masterpiece, or analyzing the stock market.  These skills of spatial reasoning, pattern recognition, matching, logic, and construction are key inputs into future math and science success.

4. Builds Confidence.  For a young child, it may take a few tries to get comfortable using the Rainbow Loom.  My seven-year-old got frustrated the first couple times he used it.  But now he knows he can do it.  Rainbow Loom is great for helping kids improve their perserverance and confidence.  It boosts self-esteem and creativity.

5. Hours of Focused Fun.  The Rainbow Loom is seriously addictive.  It is an awesome activity to help increase a child’s attention span and ability to focus.  Plus kids LOVE it!

Rainbow Loom is sold at most Michaels stores. There is also a new Rainbow Loom book that you can buy online.

To learn more about why the Rainbow Loom is beneficial for kids, check out this article from a pediatric occupational therapist:

Michaels Rainbow Loom book