Add Pony Beads to Rainbow Loom

Pony Beads with Rainbow LoomHere is another way to incorporate metallic gold and silver colors into your Rainbow Loom creations – pony beads!  You can find this type of bead in the kids beading section at Michaels.  This type of bead is actually very easy to work into just about any type of Rainbow Loom creation.  Simply thread a rubber band through a bead BEFORE you put it onto the loom pegs.   In the picture you can see two charms which can be strung onto a necklace cord.  The bracelet on the left is a triple single with some beads added into the middle strand.  The bracelet on the right is also a triple single but with a starbust in the middle.

The links below will provide all the information you need to make these designs:

Incorporating beads:

Triple single:


Beaded flower charm:

Here I am with Rainbow Loom creations with beadsthe beaded Rainbow Loom flower charm and beaded Rainbow Loom bracelet.


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