Rainbow Loom square position

Standard loom position

When you get a Rainbow Loom, it comes in the ‘standard’ configuration.  In this position the middle column of pegs is shifted so it sticks down one notch at the end with the red arrow.  The basic pattern is made using this configuration.
There is another way to set up your loom which will allow you to make other patterns.


Use the other end of the hook to take loom apart

Use other end of hook to help take loom apart

To change the loom position, first turn it over and use the other end of the hook (yes – it is multi-purpose!) to help loosen the blue sections from the clear peg sections.  You don’t need to take the blue parts completely out, just loosen them a bit so that you can lift out the middle column of pegs.  Shift the middle column of pegs so that it is in line with the outer columns.


Rainbow Loom square position

Rainbow Loom square position

Look at the 3rd picture to see what the Rainbow Loom should look like in the square configuration.  Notice that the columns are evenly alligned so the overall shape is square.  The pegs all face the same direction – that is, the peg grooves all are turned the same way.


Rainbow Loom parts

Rainbow Loom parts

You can completely take apart the loom, and you will end up with 6 parts.  There are the 3 columns of pegs, 2 small blue pieces, and 1 big blue piece.  For certain types of patterns, if you want to make them very long they can be made more easily by connecting two looms end to end.  You can use the big blue piece to bridge two sets of peg columns together.

Happy Looming!


2 thoughts on “Rainbow Loom square position

  1. Mendy

    Do you know if you can connect rainbow looms next to eachother to make wider projects? We’ve been trying with ours to no avail and thought you may know a trick


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