DIY dad creates an entrepreneur’s dream

Rainbow Loom as featured on the Today Show

Rainbow Loom as featured on the Today Show

The story behind Rainbow Loom is one worth reading. First, there is the fun part about how the dad achieved the monumental feat of impressing his tween daughters. Second, there is the scary part about how the family decided to invest their entire $10,000 nest egg into the Rainbow Loom. And third, there is the fulfilling part about the invention finally catching on. Learn about how the Rainbow Loom is a boost to creativity, focus, fine motor skills, and patience – plus an activity that knits kids into a social community and promotes generosity because so many kids give away many of the bracelets they make.

How A DIY Dad Took The Toy World By Storm With Rainbow Loom – FastCompany

Inventor weaves the American dream with rubber bands – NBC News

How an engineer turned an ancient handicraft into a nationwide craze – CNN/Money

Rainbow Loom bracelets a hit – Today Show


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